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Scholte Orchidee├źn is a modern orchid nursery that occupies a total cultivation area of 30,000 m2. We specialize in cultivating pot cymbidium plants. The pot cymbidium plants are exclusively supplied to dealers and exporters. That is why our pot cymbidium plants can be found everywhere in Europe.

Our ambition is to achieve the highest quality for our pot cymbidium plants. We achieve that goal using well-trained employees plus years of knowledge and experience.
Because we deliver customized orders, we are always able to satisfy our customers' demands.

Scholte Orchidee├źn has available a wide variety of more than 100 different pot cymbidium plants. The season when pot cymbidium plants are available runs from July through April.

Scholte Orchideeen  |  Mijnsherenweg 16  |  1433 AS Kudelstaart  |  The Netherlands  |  Tel: +31 297 367822  |  Mob: +31 6 51125408  |  E-mail: info@scholte-orchideeen.nl